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Saddle Seat Horsemanship Book


Masks We have you Covered! $10.00 each
Mask Options
Mask Options
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Headbands $12.00
Horse Headband Colors
Walk Trot Canter Headband Colors
Jelly Cat Gifts

Jelly Cat Rolbie Pony $35.00


Jelly Cat  Clover Pony $22.50/$35.00


Jelly Cat Bashful Donkey $22.50


Jelly Cat Fuddlewuddle Unicorn $25.00


Jelly Cat Luna Unicorn $22.50


Jelly Cat Unicorn Books $12.50-$16.50


Jelly Cat Bashful Donkey Collection
Jelly Cat Unicorn Books

Jelly Cat Vivacious Carrot $12.50


Jelly Cat Clover Pony
Midwest Equestrian Apparel

@thebarn T-shirt $25.00


Horse Cowl Neck Sweatshirt $48.00


Coral Striped Horse Shoe & Horse Hoodie  $48.00


Thankful T-Shirt $28.00


Grey Striped Horse Shoe Hoodie$48.00


Thankful T-Shirt
Grey Horse Shoe Striped Hoodie
At Barn T-Shirt
Coral Striped Hoodie
Horse Cowl Neck Sweatshirt

Youth Unicorn Shirt $15.00 SALE


Youth Horsepower Sweatshirt Crops $15.00 SALE


Pink Unicorn Shirt
Purple Crop Pants
Jade Crop Pants

Patriotic Horse Red T-shirt $28.00


White Patriotic Horse Shoe 3/4 Zip $45.00


Patriotic Horse Red T-Shirt
White Patriotic Horse Shoe 3/4 Zip

Blessed T-shirt $28.00


You Have to Believe Tank $25.00


Patriotic Horseshoe Hat $28.00


Ride Long Sleeve Shirt$35.00

Blessed T-Shirt Sizes
Believe Tank Sizes
Ride Sizes

Light Weight Navy Raincoat with White Horse $35.00


Light Weight  Lavender Raincoat with Black Horse $35.00


Navy Raincoat
Lavender Raincoat

Patriotic Horsepower Sweatshirt $45.00


Patriotic Horsepower

Blue Patriotic Horse Shoe 3/4 Zip $45.00

Blue 3/4 Zip Pullover
Horse Signs
Equestrian Books

Saddleseat Horsemanship

by Smith Lilly

Only $39.95


For the first time in a generation, and in greater detail than ever before, a new book on Saddle Seat riding and training is available. Saddle Seat Horsemanship, written by world champion trainer Smith Lilly, takes a comprehensive and in-depth approach to describing all aspects of the show horse, including riding, training, showing, care and shoeing. Beautifully illustrated by noted equine artist, James Walls, and peppered with terrific action photos, SaddleSeat Horsemanship offers much to riders of all skill levels and is a must-have for show horse enthusiasts of every breed

The Saddlebred: Horse of Distinction $35.00

The Updated Second Edition of The Saddlebred:America's Horse of Distinction is updated with new images, stats and information. This coffee table book is filled with compelling images and information about America's unique breed. A great gift!

Personalized Bridle & Saddle Plates
Brand New! Single Hat Carriers

New Single Hat Carriers



Select from the following eight colors! The inside has an adjustable hat size to firmly secure your hat.

Comes in Red, Hot Pink, Black, Royal Blue, Teal, Tan, Wine, and Lime Green






Single Hat Carrier
Single Hat Carrier

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