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Youth Hunt

HC-JWF49N RJ Classics Steel Hunt Coat

This is a sharp color! Pair it with any color shirt.  This has a faint blue and wine pinstripe in the fabric.  There is let out in the coat and sleeves.




Waist: 27 " Bust: 30 "

Sleeve: 20.5" Shoulders: 14 "

 Coat Length: 23.5"

#HC-2DZZKG Youth Grand Prix Taupe Hunt Coat with Blue Windowpane

There is a faint light blue windowpane running through this material.  This coat is perfect for a long, lean rider. Marked a size 16R, this coat has been taken in.



Waist: 26 " Bust: 30 "

Sleeve: 23" Shoulders: 14 "

 Coat Length: 25"




#HC-6009 Youth Tuff Rider Navy Hunt Coat


This hunt coat is marked a youth size 12.





Waist: 27" Bust: 29"

Sleeve:  19.5" Shoulders 12"

 Coat Length: 22"

Youth Equestrian Grey Pinstripe Hunt Coat H-49


Equestrian Grey Coat has a white pinstripe running throughout. This a poly blend coat which is light weight and wears well. Marked a youth size 10.





Waist: 27" Bust: 30"

Sleeve: 19" Shoulders: 12.5"

 Coat Length: 22 "

Youth size 10 jacket



#HC-R7PB71 Elite Grey Glenplaid with Pink Windowpane Hunt Coat


Lovely coat that is in excellent condition!





Waist: 28" Bust: 30"

Sleeve: 21" Shoulders: 13.5"

 Coat Length:  23"

**Sizes for youth are bust size 33" and less**

Essential Collection Black Hunt Coat


This coat has great fabric, is in excellent condition, and will pair nicely with any color shirt.  Marked a size youth 10 R





Waist: 26 "  Bust: 29" Sleeve: 18.5"

Coat Length: 22 " Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 12.5 "





Millers Hunter Green Pinstripe Hunt Coat



 The coat is marked a 4R.  Has a faint maroon and white pinstripe.  Great condition on this coat.





Waist: 28 "   Bust: 33 "

Sleeve: 23"  Nape to Waist: 26.5 "

Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 15 "





RJ Classics Black Hunt Coat



Pair this with any color shirt for a classic looks! In excellent condition.





Waist: 27"  Bust: 29"

Sleeve: 21"  Coat Length: 23 "

Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 13.5 "




Grand Prix Navy Windowpane Hunt Coat



Navy windowpane hunt coat has a light purple windowpane running through fabric.





Waist: 26.5 "

Bust:  29"

Sleeve: 20.5"

Coat Length:  21.5"

Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 13"




My favorite hunt jacket! Great coloring. 100% Wool Golden Jacket with multi-colored Glenplaid and windowpane patterns running throughout. Marked a size Youth 14 Regular



Cadet Blue Grand Prix Hunt Coat H-20




Frierson Taupe/Tan Windowpane Hunt Coat H-16


Top quality custom hunt coat.  This can show at any level.





Waist:  30" Bust:  31.5"

Sleeve:  24" Shoulders: 15"

 Coat Length: 24"

#HC-HCYXDC Tuff Rider Medium Blue with Aqua Windowpane Hunt Coat


This nicely colored hunt coat is marked a size 12R.  This coat was taken in and so there is a lot of let out, especially in the sleeves!





Waist: 28 "

Bust:  30"

Sleeve: 19"

Coat Length:  22"

Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 13.5"




#HC-6005 Slate Blue Glenplaid Youth Hunt Coat


This youth hunt coat is size 14S





Waist: 28 "

Bust:  30"

Sleeve: 20"

Coat Length:  23"

Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 14"




#HC-XYNH4P Tuff Rider Medium Blue Glenplaid with Aqua Windowpane Hunt Coat


This youth hunt coat is size youth 8 and has let out everywhere. This coat is in great condition!





Waist: 27 "

Bust:  29"

Sleeve: 18.5"

Coat Length:  20"

Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 12"




#HC-14 Comfort Rider Youth Navy with Periwinkle Pinstripe Hunt Coat


This youth hunt coat is size youth 12.





Waist: 29 "

Bust:  30"

Sleeve: 21"

Coat Length:  21"

Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 13.5"





#HC-PAE2KB Golden Sterling Pinstripe Hunt Coat

This hutn coat has a blue and yellow pinstripe running through the fabric.  There is some spot staining under the armpit of the left side of the coat.





Waist: 27 "

Bust:  30"

Sleeve: 20"

Coat Length:  24"

Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 15"

Nape to Waist: 16"




Waist: 29 " Bust: 31 "

Sleeve: 22" Shoulders: 14 "

 Coat Length: 23"

HC-P8G94S Marsha De Arriaga Youth Olive and Gold Houndstooth Hunt Coat

This is a high quality coat and it is in perfect condition. There is an on olive and black houndstooth throughout the fabric. Black piping lines olive velvet collar.




#HC-3HQTC8 Devonaire Navy Hunt Coat

This youth coat is marked a size 12 and is in excellent condition.





Waist: 29 "

Bust:  31"

Sleeve: 21"

Coat Length:  21"

Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 14.5"

Nape to Waist: 15"




#SHAD-1 RH Collection Youth Navy Shadbelly


This youth shadbelly is size youth 16.





Waist: 28 "

Bust:  31"

Sleeve: 21.5"

Coat Length:  31.5"

Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 15"

Nape to Waist: 14"




HS-Z9LVV3 Essex Peach Diamond Hunt Shirt $30.00



Shirt: Marked a size 36

Waist: 34 "  Bust: 42"  Neck: 13.5"

Sleeve: 24"  Shoulders: 16 "

HS-CP8LK5 Essex Pink Diamond/Dot Shirt $25.00



Shirt: 2 Collars (1 with monogram/1 plain)

Waist: 33 "  Bust: 38"  Neck: 13.5"

Sleeve: 24"  Shoulders: 13.5"

HS-H6DG3H RJ Classics White Hunt Shirt $20.00



Shirt: Marked a youth size 8

Waist: 24 "  Bust: 27"  Neck: 12"

Sleeve: 16"  Shoulders: 11"

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